About Swimming365

Swimming365 is a program created by Tom Picton-Warlow, a former director of Swimming Australia, in 2015 after suffering from back pain. Tom is very passionate about swimming and water aerobics and the impact that it has on improving individual's health both mentally and physically. 

Swimming365 supports participants through year round swimming programs to achieve their individual goals.
The program is now in its 7th year and has been providing significant benefits to the health of participants. 

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Our Team


Tom Picton-Warlow


I began swimming regularly in the late 1990's as rehabilitation and this experience left an impression on me as to how powerful swimming for health and fitness is.
The Swimming365 program came together and in February 2015, I  launched the program focusing on diet and year round swimming.
Our mission is to provide the best service at an affordable price and create a friendly environment that people feel comfortable to be involved in.

Board Members


Jenny Robson

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Peter Michael

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Tracey Monaghan

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Rae Foale